UltraMax 12V 95Ah Start-Stop AGM Batteries

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UltraMax 12V 95Ah Start-Stop AGM Battery 

Product Code: MOTUMX-TBX9019

Used in: Caravan, motorhomes, cars & more

Battery Features:

- Rechargeable

- Long life-cycle

- Start-stop battery

- High-power

- Long PSOC Cycle

- Maintenance-free

- Fast-charging

- 1-year warranty

- Good low-temperature starting ability

- Green Power

L: 351mm | W: 174mm | H: 190mm

Weight:  26.52 Kg

UltraMax 12V 95Ah Start-Stop AGM Battery

The UltraMax AGM series automotive battery has excellent low-temperature starting ability, with an exceptionally long shelf life. Fully sealed, maintenance free. 

AGM batteries have unique design features that are not found in wet-flooded batteries. These include glass mat separators, and improved cyclic lifespan. 

These AGM batteries can handle deeper discharge cycles without getting damaged and are hence beneficial when you may need to draw a significant amount of power from the battery before recharging, which can happen in a caravan, RV or motorhome with various appliances and electronics. 

AGM batteries are known for their durability and resistance to vibration and shock damage, making them a reliable choice for mobile applications, for use as automotive batteries.

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More Information
Weight (Grams) 26520
Battery Amperage (Ah) 95
Usage/Application of the battery Start-stop applications
Product Height (mm) 190
Product Length (mm) 351
Product Width (mm) 174
Voltage 12
Product Barcode 5036446822284
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