Here's What Our Customers Frequently Ask Us:

  • Is it normal for the UltraMax Smart Charger (20 A) to be loud and always on?  
    When the battery is fully discharged and during constant current charging at 20A it is normal for the fan to come on. It should go off as the battery is charged. 
  • The "t Bar" on the LifePO4 battery (for the Motocaddy golf trolley) has a red/black connection but my trolley has a blue/black connection. Will the connection be black to black/red to Blue?
    Yes. However, you can only connect the T-bar in one direction. It is polarity based and you won't be able to connect incorrectly. 
  • Currently I run packs of 12-12 Lifepo4 batteries in parallel which gives me 24ah @12v. what is the maximum safe charge current I can safely use to charge the battery packs?  
    You can safely charge the parallel set at 14A . 
  • Hi,i need to buy a battery to run a 100-watt transceiver drawing 15 amps, the amp draw is not all the time only on voice peaks, could you tell how long the radio would last, i would not be talking all the time, the receiver draw is 1 amp.  
    It is very difficult for me to tell you how long it will last. 
    Can you tell me how often in a day you will draw 15 Amps?  For how long each time. Is your standby current is 1Amps when you are receiving? I need a better usage profile before I can tell you how long your battery will last. You have at full charge 288Wh of energy. 
  • Hi, I have one of your Ultramax Lithium batteries. It’s a LiFePO4 100Ah Li100-12 . The bar code on it is 5036446802743. Other information on it is Nominal Voltage of 12.8v Max Charge Current of 80A Maximum Discharge Current of 100A. Nominal Capacity 102Ah. I use it as a leisure battery in a Camper Van, and it was fitted professionally with a Solar panel and Victron MPPT Controller. I’ve today fitted Victron Smart Shunt 500A to be able to monitor the battery more accurately. I’d like to be able to configure the settings as accurately as possible in the Victron App, so wonder if you could tell me about your recommended settings for the following please:- The charged voltage parameter ( default in the app for a 12v battery is 13.2 volts ) but I believe this is g got a lead acid? The charge efficiency (for lithium the app says 99%) The Peukert Exponent (for lithium the app says 1.05) The discharge floor (default in the app is 50% but I’m sure this is for Lead acid. Tail current (Default is 4.00 %) Current Threshold default is (0.10A) Any other recommended settings?  
    • Battery Capacity — 100AH *
    • Charged Voltage 14.6v *
    • Tail Current — 4.0%
    • Charged Detection — 03
    • Puekert Exponent — 1.05 *
    • Charge Efficiency Factor — 99% *
    • Current Threshold — 0.10A
    • Time to Go Averaging Period — 03
    • Zero Current Calibration — ZERO
    • Synchronize — SYNC
    • Relay Mode – DFLT 
  • How to charge lithium phosphate batteries?
    Charge at constant current at 0.2C Amps to 14.6V and then do constant voltage at this level. As the battery charges, the current goes down and when it reaches 0.025C the battery is fully charged. 

    if we have a 50Ah battery. 
    C is 50. 
    Charge constant current at 10A, when the voltage reaches 14.6 V keep the voltage constant, observe the current going down to 1.5 Amps and stop charging.