Ultra Max 1000SC USB 1000VA/600W Line Interactive Battery Backup (UPS System)

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Ultramax 1000SC 1000VA / 600W, 230V, UPS System, an Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home Office, Desktop PC & Home Electronics

Excellent microprocessor control guarantees boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

Auto restart while AC is recovering

Simulated sine wave output Off-mode

charging Cold start function

USB communication port and rj-11 Protection

Quiet in normal operation

Audible alarm when in running on battery


The ultra max 1000SC is an ideal entry grade uninterruptible power supply for the protection of computer based systems. Ideal for small workstations, epos terminals, small telecom systems or any application with a computer type power supply

It's line interactive technology means it will buck the input voltage if it becomes too high, and boost it if it becomes too low without reverting to battery operation.

This extends battery life and allows you to keep working in the event of brown outs. If the mains supply should fail (e.g. Power cut) or go out of limits then the unit will revert to it's pseudi-sinewave inverter - ideal for switch mode power supplies as found on computer type systems.

Note: psuedo-sinewave systems are not suitable for all types of load the inverter is powered by the internal 12v 7ah battery which provides 30 minutes runtime for a typical 50w small system and several minutes at 300w

What's more the unit has a built in usm interface which comes complete with cable and software for all major operating systems. This allows full control of the ups as well as enabling the computer to be shut down gracefully in order to preserve data.

Model : 1000SC
Capacity : 1000VA/6000W
Input Voltage : 220/230/240 VAC
Input Voltage Range : 162-290 VAC
Output Voltage Regulation : ± 10% (Bat. mode)
Transfer Time : Typical 2-6 ms, 10ms max
Waveform : Simulated Sine Wave
Battery Type : 2 x 12volt 7Amps (INCLUDED)
Charging Time : 6 hours recovery to 90% capacity
Dimensions (DxWxH) : 370 x 135 x 165
Net Weight (kgs) : 9
Humidity : 0-90% RH @ 0-40°C (non-condensing)
Noise Level : Less than 40dB
Contents in Box: The Ultra Max 1000SC comes complete with: 1* UPS Unit 1* Mains Input Lead Software CD & USB lead User Manual
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Weight (Grams) 7800
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